You can group number of boards of the workspace into sections in order to find and manage boards more easily.

Sections can be created and managed separately in each workspace and the same sections will be shown to all workspace members. Therefore, please organize them usefully so that the members do not get confused. 😉

Anyone who is a member of the workspace can create new sections or edit existing ones!


Create a Section

When you create a section with the + add section button, a new section is created at the bottom.

Afterwards, you can freely change the order of sections with Drag&Drop.

If you are a member of the workspace, you can rename the section name if needed : )

❗️Section names can be up to 50 characters long and contain one space. However, spaces before and after are not allowed. 🙅‍♀️

Move all boards to other section

There are times when you want to keep the section but move the boards to another section?

For this, we also provide the Move all boards to other section menu. 🤟


Delete a Section

Sections created by other members can also be deleted.

If there is no board under the section, the section is immediately deleted.

If there is a board below the section, you can choose how to deal with the boards.

❗️ However, if the section you want to delete is the only section on the workspace, you cannot delete it!🙅‍♀️
Every workspace must have at least one section.
  • Move boards to another section : Boards under the section move to other sections of the same workspace, and the section is deleted.
  • Delete boards as well : Boards under the section are deleted along with the section.

Move to another workspace

👮 Administrators can move sections to different workspaces!

Boards under the section are also moved, and board members & authority remain the same. 🙂