How can I create a neat, pretty, clear, thorough, or cute board on Marimba?? 🤔

If you are wondering, please refer to the given Templates!

Not only you can see how to use the board and tools, but also apply it directly to your board to start from there.

Marimba Templates

Marimba provides templates related to team workshop, product management, and productivity!

In the future, more and more diverse templates will be introduced. Stay tuned!

If you have a great idea, hurry up! Your ideas can be transformed into cool templates. ❤️

How can I use it? 🙌

When creating a new board, you can view the list of templates in a pop-up and you can select one from the pop-up. If you already started to work on the board, you can also call it from the template button on the toolbar of the board 🙂


Browse the templates you want by category! 🙌

You can see more details through the preview of each template, or apply it directly to the board through the Create/Add button to use it.


If there is a template you want from the recommended templates at the top of the board list, you can preview it to see more details, and use the template to create a board right away.