Workspace admin

The user who creates a workspace is automatically designated as an Admin of the workspace, or the admin can designate another workspace member to be Admin.

What can an WORKSPACE ADMIN do?

1. Rename : You can change the name of the workspace

2. Delete : You can delete the workspace

3. Member management : You can change the permissions of workspace members or cancel an invitation

Rename & Delete Workspace

Admin can rename the workspace or delete the workspace.

When deleting workspace, you can delete it after re-entering the workspace name and confirming it again to prevent mistakes.

❗️ Please note that once deleted workspaces cannot be recovered!!
workspace-admin-menu : rename & delete

Manage Workspace Member

Admin can cancel the invitation to a user who was incorrectly invited to the workspace or change the status of another member to Admin/Member!

Status can be changed through the Members menu.

❗️ There must be one Admin in one workspace.

Can admin also leave the workspace?

Yes, it is possible~!

However, since there must be only one Admin in one workspace, there must be another admin in the workspace to leave.

If you must leave the workspace, give other members the workspace Admin privileges before leaving 🛫