Marimba news

Release notes of 2021

December 16, 2021



  • Select comment on toolbar to create one
  • Comment list is displayed on comment tab
    • Select one the see the thread

Delete account

  • Delete your account from the profile screen
    • If you are the only admin in a workspace where multiple members exist, you can leave after delegating admin authority.
    • Existing workspace and board member authority are lost upon withdrawal, and cannot be restored upon re-joining.
  • Sending an e-mail as a result of the deleting account process


Public board access

  • Random user name is given
    • Click the profile on the top right corner to rename


  • Hint text is displayed when an empty shape is selected.


  • Miscount the number of users who are following me

November 26, 2021


Sticky note

  • Show / Hide option
    • Select item(s) and set on the menu bar


  • Show / Hide option
    • Select item(s) and set on the menu bar


Video call

  • Background blur
    • Open the Set Camera & audio window while video call session


  • Sticky note outline color is not changed when it’s selected by other

November 18, 2021



  • Select Dice on Board> More menu
  • Press Push button to roll dice(s)
    • Adjust the number(up to 3) of the dices on top-right corner
Click the Push button in the lower right corner, a set number of dice will be rolled at once.


  • Misslocation of the item menu bar

November 10, 2021



  • Download to local drive
Select download on right click menu.



  • Press the shift key and crop it to maintain the original proportion.

October 26, 2021


Screen share

  • Screen sharing function during video call

Promotion code


Halloween theme

  • ~21/10/31 Limited exposure
  • Board > ? button > Halloween theme on/off

October 12, 2021



  • @mentioning a workspace/board member on the chat window


  • Notification on Workspace
    • Notifies you when you are @mention ed on the board, and moves to the board when clicked
    • Notifies you when you are invited to a board/workspace, and moves to the board/workspace when clicked
    • Notifies when a board permission request is received, and when clicked, the requested account is added as a board member directly
  • Notification on Board
    • Notifies you as a toast message when you are @mention ed on another board, so that you can go to that board directly.


Copy as image

  • Items can be ‘Copy as image’, so that
    • it can be pasted into other services
    • or on board including any other board


  • Fixed the issue where the participant information in the board list was not updated intermittently
  • Improving the pop-up text displayed when entering an unauthorized workspace

October 5, 2021


PDF upload

  • Add a page of PDF document to the board as one image


  • Crop


Menu bar

  • Menu bar provided when selecting object(s)
    • Style text : Textbox, Sticky note, Shape
    • Image crop
    • Lock, etc.


  • Location changed


  • Board/workspace information deleted by the user is physically deleted after 1 year
  • Dormant users can receive password recovery emails


  • Voice input error during video call.

September 9, 2021


Privacy Policy

  • Separate storage of personal information of non-users for 1 year (conversion to dormancy)
  • Deletion of personal information that is not actually collected
  • Update of the information for Privacy Officer
  • Update of personal information consignor
  • Update the list of personal information consulting agencies

Video Call Setting

  • Video call in progress, camera & audio setting function


  • 8 more stickers added

August 13, 2021


Web publish

  • Create a new URL to view selected pad in the form of a web document
  • Share with external users to present


  • Straight line which have start/end point and not connected to object


  • Selection step is added when export pad(s)
  • Export specific area is newly added


Line style

  • Line thickness option added
  • Line dash option added
  • Turn on/off the fill option of shapes having different line color at once

Add feature for reaction

  • Add effects when using tada animoji during video calls
  • 8 more stickers added

Text style

  • Bigger text size option added
  • Keep specified text size when line feed
  • Line feed with Shift+Enter on the list styled line


  • Connection line position error when changing size of sticky notes
  • Mouse cursor error when returning from opening another tap with any kind of tool except select is enabled
  • Zoom scaling error when pasting pad
  • Pad height error when moving text into structured pad
  • Mouse cursor error after spacebar+drag with shape tool enabled
  • Save as jpg/png file when exporting only one pad to image format

August 6, 2021


Observing mode

  • Feature to ask others to observe my view is added. Click my profile and use ‘Bring everyone to me’

Chat (Beta)

  • Simple chat functionality on the board
  • However, notifications are provided only for messages received while connecting to the board.
  • Beta open for usability testing, so it can be changed depending on the result.

Position lock

  • Fix the upper left point of the object to prevent unintended movement and other tasks such as changing the size or entering the contents can be done.
  • not available for connection lines.


Active speaker

Highlight the active speaker during video call.


  • Copy is not available for locked object


  • Change pad type button on the left side of pad title changed into icon.


  • Image displayed incorrectly in some URL thumbnail.
  • Navigation mode is over when observing is started.
  • Vote button not working on tablet.

July 27, 2021


Color variation

  • Shape / Pen drawing / Connection line / Text
  • Add preset color & color picker

Improved object copy function

  • Drag object while press Alt(⌥) key to duplicate
  • Mouseover while press Alt(⌥), Ctrl(⌘) key to view object info.


Design improvement

  • Sticky note color and overall UI
  • ‘New board + Import backup file’ single button
  • Provides a notification when you try to key in to the object they are keying in to (Text box, Sticky note, Shape, Pad title)


  • Connection line anchor location when undo after center point movement
  • Location error when changing resizing multiple sticky notes at once
  • Current style error on text context bar
  • Figma, Google slide link not pasted as viewer

July 13, 2021


Realtime cursor

  • Add hints about the cursor of my colleagues outside my screen


Paste objects

  • Paste objects directly into the specific pad. If you select a pad or select and paste an object inside the pad, it will be pasted as part of that pad

Other improvements

  • Go to login screen with Marimba concept image applied when logging in/out
  • When camera is turned off during Video call
  • ‘Value proposition Canvas’ template added
  • Pad create position is optimized


  • Context bar overflowing out of the viewport
  • Image reload button is shown as inappropriate form
  • Display object information by pressing the alt key while voting does not disappear
  • Location error when undoing after cutting/deleting Sticky Note in Structured Pad
  • Mouseover on the YouTube viewer in pen mode and then it changes to the default cursor
  • Board freeze when click the ‘open in new tab’ button on viewer
  • Lock status error when right click on shape

June 25, 2021


Video call

  • Select between ‘End for all’ and ‘Leave’ on End
  • If you select ‘Leave’, I’m the only one who leaves the video call as usual.
  • End all participants’ video calls when ‘End for All’ is selected

Board shared by Link

  • Shows boards accessed through links other than boards invited as members in ‘Shared Board’
  • When signing up from the Public Board, you will see the ‘shared boards’ immediately after signing up is complete
  • You can copy board link and delete board from shared boards list


  • Single/Multiple item duplication
  • Removed the size limit of pad
  • Changee all added images to be visible when adding multiple images
  • Support image format expanded
    • svg (as a solid image)
    • heic
    • heif
  • You can copy the ‘original link’ from the IE browser


  • Internal connection line and hand draw not selected with pad selected
  • Missing thumbnails when creating a board with a backup file
  • Misplaced sticky note when moving within a structured pad

May 31, 2021


Object information

  • Object information
  • What is expressed in the latest update information
    • Pad : Raname, Set color, Type change and Resize
    • Items : Update(internal text), Resize and changing attributes(color, thickness, fill options, etc.)
  • Press the Cmd(⌘)+Opt(⌥) / Control + Alt key and mouse over an object to see the latest update information


  • URL thumbnail, Embed viewer : Open in new tab button design improvement to make it easier to click
  • Google slide Viewer : Page navigation, live mode design improvement for easy recognition
  • Add guidance to the top while navigation board pressing the space bar


  • Inconsistent number of video call participants

May 25, 2021



  • Vote for Sticky Notes during voting sessions.
  • Provide voting result window after voting session ends.

Pad style

  • Resize pad
    • Fit to preset size (A4, 4:3, 16:9)
    • Select multiple pads and fit longest horizontal/vertical
  • Set pad color
    • Applied to pad top area and pad index


Video call participant list

  • Visible when hovering the Video call button while a video call is in progress on the board

Request access

  • New design is applied for easy recognition when access is needed for marimba (Request access to camera & clipboard


  • Pad resize component Double-click to reduce size
  • End Edit when move starts while text box is edited