Marimba news

Release notes of 2022

January 20, 2022


Onboarding guide

  • Simplified onboarding guides for first use.


  • Guest marimba call time limit error.
  • Section name error when creating a board.

January 6, 2022


Marimba call

  • As soon as you press the call button at the top right, the audio call starts.
    • If necessary, I can turn on the camera.
    • You can only see the video of the person with the camera on.

Mobile Onboarding

  • Marimba onboarding provided when registering as a member on mobile


  • New badge is not shown when there’s a comment.
  • In comment tab, sort out the order of creation.
  • Part of text is hidden when multiple test style is applied.
  • Position error when selecting an object and press arrow key on the keyboard.
  • Sync error when the number of dice is changed.
  • Only one board was visible in the workspace, then all.
  • Being redirected to the login screen when entering the homepage/board.