Collaborative Whiteboard for Teams

Collaborative Whiteboard for Teams

Organize data, meetings, and reports all at once!

Why teams use collaboration tool?

There are many reasons why teams use various collaboration tools at work, but most importantly, it is for team communication, work management and team collaboration.

First, using collaboration tool gives your team a chance to create an online workspace for everyone to participate and staying connected which can help improving team communication.

Also, collaboration tools as work management tool allows you to plan, track, organize both projects and non-project tasks with the goal of improving your business results and team performance.

Lastly, collaboration tool can help your team save time, increase productivity, and perform more. Keep everyone on the same page and ensuring everyone’s fully involved.

Tool for team communication

With online whiteboard collaboration tools, you can experience more swift, seamless and interactive team communication. With one simple click, you can join in meetings instantly using Marimba’s video call within your collaborative canvas. Marimba’s video call can bring anyone whom you need to communicate with in no time to the place where you need to talk. No need to spend your time scheduling things for multiple meetings in your work day; you can talk about important matters quickly and leave right away with Marimba’s video call. In addition, all the information you need during a video call will be found on the same Marimba board, so there’s no need to switch apps anymore. If you want to explain things more effectively, we recommend using observing mode. This will help your colleagues focus only on the contents you are pointing out.

Tool for work management

Work management is key to the success of your projects at work. As a collaborative work management tool, Marimba can improve and elevate your collaboration more concisely and effectively.

On our infinite whiteboard, you can add our pre-made templates that can help you with your workflow management, team management etc. When your team is working remotely, Stand-up and Project Roadmap template can be your team’s daily routine to start a day. Co-author and edit contents in real-time with Marimba work management tool. Every changes on board will be automatically saved.

Tool for team collaboration

Sharing is what makes a good team work works!

With Marimba’s infinite whiteboard, all your teammates are literally on the same page! It’s easy to know what they’re up to with the real-time cursors showing up on the board. Timer can also help you when multiple people are involved in discussions or video conferences. With our embedded timer, you can efficiently manage speaking time for each participant when brainstorming or making team decisions together. Even better, you no longer have to hand-count the votes; just start the voting section by one simple click.

If you’re worried about awkwardness during online team collaboration, Animoji and stickers can break the ice! These will be great tools to bring warmness and easy, natural vibe to your remote communication. Simply invite new members to collaborate together by sending e-mail invitations. Your next new collaboration is only an email away!

How to collaborate using online whiteboards?

Finding a collaborative tool that covers everything you and your team need is not easy, but with Marimba, it’s all possible!

Marimba offers you perfect collaborative experiences for brainstorming, ideation, video conferences, strategy plannings and more.

From the very beginning of your creative process to its final fruition, Marimba can be the costless seamless collaboration tool for your team.

Templates for Business

Sometimes daily work can be boring. You write down for interview script, prepare for iteration retrospective, or even regular reviews! Marimba’s hand-picked templates for business teams will help you save your time and energy.

You don’t need to draw the table or shapes for business meetings, just add any of your choice from Marimba Business Templates and it’s done! Effective use of pre-made templates can not only help save your time but also it encourages everyone in your team to take part and engage with the process while being on the same board.

Free online whiteboard for business teams

Try Marimba’s pre-made templates to plan for your online collaboration.

Get ready and execute your work with Marimba templates specifically designed for scheduling and managing projects as well as retrospectives with colleagues.