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Collaboration Tool for Designers

Best online whiteboard for collaborating designers

What is collaborative design?

Design is not far away from collaboration.
A simple design can be done by one designer, but when a team is creating a product or service together, team collaboration is essential.

To produce the satisfying outcome, designers have to gather together and discuss to bring the best out of themselves, and they also have to collaborate with other developers as well.
When working as a team, you might often face challenging times of discussions and disagreements but it is always very important to reach agreements and consensus on concept, color, and look and feel of your team’s design work, which is the fundamental steps for a design collaboration.

Marimba, an online whiteboard for teaching, motivates both teachers and students to Even if you work independently, collaboration is always a necessary process when performing design work for your design must take what’s been requested from other developers into consideration and cooperation them into your designs.

Key features for Designers

Your design teams will find the followings features useful when collaborating with others:

  • Real-time video call and chatting: Share ideas and opinions right away and take time to have Q&A session if needed.
  • Pen drawing and Shape: Improve your idea with pen drawing and shapes to make other people better understand what you are thinking about.
  • Third party service: Add a link of third party services, such as Google suite, Figma, inVision and share the contents right on the Marimba’s whiteboard. Everyone can look at the same contents without switching screens.
  • Infinite canvas: Limited space can result in limited ideas. Come up with any creative idea on the infinite canvas. Marimba’s infinite canvas is more than enough for you and your team’s idea.
  • Image: Share your draft version of design or any related images to help others to understand better.
  • PDF files: In case you have your final design as a PDF file, just drag and drop the file on the whiteboard. Each page of the PDF file will be shown as separate images on the whiteboard to let your discussion more efficient.

Must-Use Templates for Design Process

There are various kinds of way to collaborate with others on design work, but ‘how’ to collaborate on design work depends on the types of work including the size of work. No matter what kind of design collaboration you need, everything can be performed on the Marimba board. You can either start from a blank whiteboard or simply start from a free templates given on Marimba.

You can share designed images of products using the ‘Contents Review’ template and listen to other people’s opinion and idea. You can take a step closer to the final result of the design.

Example image of Contents Review on Marimba
contents review

Also, you can use the ‘Storyboard’ template when trying to add some new features. On the storyboard, draw and write down how the new features came up and see if the features meet the needs of users.

Example image of story board on Marimba
story board