Online Whiteboard for Teaching

Online Whiteboard for Teaching

Effective and enjoyable online classes

What is online whiteboard for teaching?

Try Marimba online whiteboard for online class in the New Normal era where remote learning is commonly adopted. Your class can be happening anywhere regardless of you and your teacher’s locations. Marimba enables you and your classmates to collaborate and cooperate with each other.

Marimba, an online whiteboard for teaching, motivates both teachers and students to actively participate in class by offering various tools like drawing pen, sticky notes, stickers, and embedding features. Supporting two-way communication between teachers and students, Marimba’s remote learning space can help you lead your online class with a higher level of engagement and effectiveness of all participants with interactive communication.

Online whiteboard features for teaching

No more concerns on how to run a class remotely, which software to use for video conference and document sharing, whose screen to look at, and so on.

Try Marimba for a remote class of diverse topics, where all features required for your online class are prepared. Face each other, share class materials, and watch videos on a whiteboard without switching applications. Marimba not only presents convenient environment for teachers, but also helps participants to better understand the lecture and effectively work on projects.

Interactive Class

One-way communication significantly lowers the level of concentration and engagement of participants and reduces the effectiveness of the class as a result. Mutual communication and discussion is required in order to enhance efficiency of online remote class. Online whiteboard provides all essential tools, such as pen, shape, sticker, voting, timer, video calls that can maximize the interest and interaction of participants.

Class Materials and Assignments

Sharing class materials and submitting assignments is an essential part of all classes. Class materials in the formats of Youtube videos, Google documents, Figma pages, image files, and other type of contents can be shared directly on Marimba’s online whiteboard. In case the assignment has been done on a different board, simply ‘Export‘ the board as an image or a PDF file to submit.

Real-time Participants

Wondering who’s present on your board for a class? Realtime attendance check is simple and straighforward in Marimba classroom.

Save your time finding whereabouts of your students and what they are doing. Real-time cursor of each participant appearing on the infinite canvas can always notifies you of their status. By observing the cursors, you can not only check their locations but also look at their progress at a glance. Unnecessary or redundant tasks due to communication errors can be avoided in advance with the real-time cursors.

Easy Access from Mobile Devices

Mobile environment can turn into a fun, interactive learning space all too easy by using your own mobile devices. Take part in your classes held on the online whiteboards through mobile phones no matter where you are.

With Marimba, teachers and students can access to the board using mobile devices to:

  • Check class contents created in real-time.
  • Speak up using the timer and give votes during class discussions to boost collaboration.
  • Export the class board as an image or a PDF file.

How to create remote learning for students

Prepare an online classroom for your class!

<Before Class>

  1. Check your class schedule and create a board for the class.
  2. Write down Table of Contents(TOC) on a pad and prepare contents.
  3. Embed class materials before class starts.
    – Image, YouTube, Google Docs/Sheet/Slide, Flow Chart, etc
  4. Invite students on the board.
    Students can access the board via invitation email from teachers.

<During and After Class>

  1. Gather together on the board.
  2. Teacher can lead the class based on the prepared TOC.
  3. Students with any question can raise their hand using animoji and anyone can leave comments, ideas, feedbacks, or questions using sticky notes without disturbing the class.
  4. Utilize pen, shapes, images, and other tools to exchange ideas on homework or assignments on the board.
  5. After class, anyone can export the class board and save as an image or a PDF file.

Free online whiteboard for teaching

Try Marimba’s pre-made templates to plan for your online classroom.

Get ready and lead your class with Marimba templates specifically designed for scheduling and managing classes as well as retrospectives with students.

Don’t forget to use free templates for birthday party and simple ice-breaking games to keep the human bondings among teachers and students strong!