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Collaboration Tool for Virtual Team Building

Remote Team Management

It’s hard for the team to just work. In general, we need to help, care, and collaborate together. Depending on the period, it is essential to get to know each other, be considerate, and encourage the team members not to get tired of each other.

Therefore, if the team is formed, the members of the team should feel a sense of belonging, get to know the members of the same team naturally, and build a strong relationship step by step.

We call this a ‘Team Building’. Teams can solve problems wisely together, share and encourage when they are tired and angry. And it’s because we can share joy when there’s something good in the team.

Importance of Virtual Team Building

Team Building is an extremely important factor for teams that collaborate remotely. If you work remotely in different spaces, the conversation naturally decreases, so there is no bond between team members. Through the team building, you can maintain a closer relationship with your team members, such as being in the office together in an online environment.

Example Image of Online Whiteboard Collaboration Tool team building
Online team building

Collaborative team may consist of diverse individuals with different characteristics and vibes, so to speak, and it should be a collective goal for everyone to build a closer and stronger bond to bring satisfiable work outcomes altogether.

In general, team members must make an effort to get to know each other and encourage one another in order to perform the best out of a given circumstances. This is what we call a ‘team building’.

Through a successful team building process, your team can be ready to tackle and solve various problems wisely and be open for rigorous and constructive discussions together. When it comes to team building, it is essential to provide a safer ground where different perspectives can be shared and heard as well as encouraged.

Benefits of Team Building

Team building is one of the most important elements in every thriving remote team. Since most remote teams usually work in different places, their collaboration can easily experience disharmony from lack of communication.

As a result, the relationship between team members sometimes face the danger of falling back or miscommunication.

With Marimba’s online team building activities, the entire team can strengthen their work relationship just as good as if they were all together at an office.

Take the following advantages of online team building with Marimba :

  • Build bonds between team members
  • Create a flexible atmosphere throughout the team
  • Increase work productivity
  • Promote work, especially collaboration, efficiency
  • Create a positive work atmosphere

How do you do team building virtually?

ThThere is no one big answer to online team building. Virtual team building can be done in hundreds and thousands of different ways, which is why it can be so helpful and adaptable to your team’s situations.

A team can gather together on Marimba’s infinite whiteboard and build-up the relationship by utilizing all the tools and resources provided within the board. For some might still find virtual team building unfamiliar, we’ve come up with some tools and templates to start!


Templates for team building

When God made me..

Think of what I’ve got enough and what I’ve got insufficient from God. Share with your team and find out how to help out each other to become a perfect team. 😉

Example Image of Online Whiteboard marimba icebreaking template
When God made me..

6 X 6 Matrix

6X6 Matrix is a template to get to know each other. Each member has to take turn and throw two dices and answer for question that matches the numbers they got from the two dice.

Get a step closer with your team by sharing your secrets, memories, or any other personal stories that have never been shared before. 😉

Example Image of Online Whiteboard Collaboration Tool team building: 6 x 6
True or False

True or False

Try simple true or false quiz online and get to know each other. Along the way, you will be gradually get closer with Marimba as well!

Example Image of Online Whiteboard Collaboration Tool team building: true or false
True or False

In addition to the games provided, try various things for the team building.
It is also recommended to creatively create a new team building game. Why don’t we make a virtual team building bingo?

Take the time to get to know each other through a variety of online team building templates. Although you cannot meet in person, you can feel close enough to each other through various activities.

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