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Online Ideation Tool for Creative Teams

A place to spread ideas through various templates!

What is ideation?

Design is not far away from collaboration.
Ideation is not only for designers and artists who creates new art works. PM, sales managers, developers, marketers, and other people all need ideation on different topics related to their work to reach their goal faster and more efficiently.

Ideas may seem unrealistic in the beginning, but we recommend you to start with various ideas to reach the goal. Your team should discuss and develop ideas, then the it will eventually be more realistic and most suitable for your project.

How Ideation tools can help Collaboration?

What is the most effective and efficient way to develop ideas? One of the most important aspect of ideation is to let everyone see what’s being suggested and encourage them to participate no matter how large your participant group can get.

With online whiteboard, you can write and erase texts easily or support your colleague’s idea with instant chatting, drawing, or shaping tools so that you can actively collaborate on the board in real-time. Once you enter Marimba board, preparation is all completed!

Best Ideation Templates

On Marimba’s online whiteboard, you can start writing down your ideas with your team from blank board, but you can simply add a template in case you have no idea where to start from. If you and your team want some guideline or a rough sketch, take your time to look around and add the free templates on Marimba.

When you start ideation on Marimba for the first time, you can use ‘Prioritization matrix’ template to start with. If your team is trying to plan for next few years, find ‘Roadmap’ template.

Prioritization matrix
Project roadmap Template

Marimba is currently providing several templates and is going to provide way more various kinds in the future.