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Collaboration Tool For Marketing Teams

Best online whiteboard for collaborating marketers

Marketing is a very important aspect of selling products. Depending on personal characteristics, walks of life, environment, and more, your customers all have different perspectives and preferences. Marketers must come up with more diverse and effective ways to approach their customers.

To do this, marketers are often recommended to share ideas actively and memo other ideas on the note even during offline meetings. However, while all works are done online due to remote work, marketers have to think of any misunderstandings that they could cause when delivering ideas and directions.

The best way to share ideas and opinions precisely with supporting materials like drawings and text writing is to have everyone in your team on an online whiteboard collaboration tool. Verbal communication might cause misunderstanding of each members; therefore, use pen, sticky note, image, shape, and all other tools prepared on Marimba to describe and deliver your work accurately.

Benefits of Using Collaboration Tool for Marketing Teams

Let’s learn more about some of the best benefits of using collaboration tool for Marketing teams!

  • Event planning: Although most of the event is planned and organized by marketing team, the help of PMs, developers, and designers is essential. If marketer can neatly organize the event ideas on the whiteboard and share with other team members, the purpose and direction can be delivered to the entire team accurately without misunderstanding. Although the marketing team is the first to plan and finalize the event, the help of PMs, developers, and designers in the middle is essential. If the marketer’s thoughts are neatly organized on the board and shared with other players, the intention can be conveyed much more accurately than just verbal/text.
  • Ideation: Marketing works require new ideas all the time. Therefore marketers have to constantly share and discover new ideas. We recommend to record all fresh ideas that are easy to be forgotten if you think only by yourself, on the whiteboard to share and discuss with your team. Even if the idea is not chosen this time, you might find the current idea useful at other moments in the future.
  • Sales material: Usually marketers are asked to create the contents of sales material, such as product introduction presentations or brochures, but the work cannot be done without the helping hands of designers. Marketers should write down the contents that spark on their mind onto the whiteboard and demonstrate and visualize them using pen drawing, shape, or images. Once the whiteboard that contains marketers idea is delivered to designer, it will become a beautiful outcome in a few days.
  • Roadmap (Yearly planning): Every sectors of work need long-term plan, but long-term or yearly plan is necessary for marketing since marketing works are directly related to budget in most cases. Draw your team’s yearly plans or roadmaps, which is hard to include everything on a small paper, on the online whiteboard Marimba.
  • Research: When you get to learn about the trend of the market, especially competitors, mostly the research documents, related videos and images overflows. In order to organize the information neatly and share with colleagues, put the informations on the Marimba’s infinite canvas.

Useful Features for Marketing Teams

Marketers in remote working environment can always take advantage of many useful features for collaboration tools. There are many features needed for marketers to get their work done efficiently; you do not have to look for separate tools for video call, pen drawing, documentation, etc. Try online whiteboard Marimba now and discover all the tools required for marketers in one place!

  • Video call: Text might not satisfy you and your team in case of important meetings. Turn on video call for thorough communication.
  • Pen/Shape/Text: Draw everything that you imagine on the board using pen, shape and text. You can also pick any color you want from the palette.
  • Link/Image: Put link and images related to meeting on the board and share with the participants.
  • Voting: Take a vote when decision making is needed after sharing ideas or opinions.
  • Sticky Note: Leave a simple comment or idea as a memo using sticky note.

Free templates for marketers

There are various kinds of way to collaborate with others on design work, but ‘how’ to collaborate on design work depends on the types of work including the size of work. No matter what kind of design collaboration you need, everything can be performed on the Marimba board. You can either start from a blank whiteboard or simply start from a free templates given on Marimba.

You can share promotional images of products using the ‘Contents Review’ template and listen to other people’s opinion and idea. You can take a step closer to the final result of the design.

Example image of contents review on Marimba
Contents Review

You can use the ‘Roadmap’ template to create an annual marketing plan, share and manage the scope and schedule with your team members.

Marketing annual roadmap

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