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Collaboration Tool for Remote Work

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Benefits of Remote Working

Remote work is no longer associated with descriptions like ‘distant’ , ‘ inconsistent’, or ‘ easily-interrupted’. It has now became a new way of working more efficiently and sometimes, more economically.

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Due to various circumstances such as recent global pandemic, employees choose to work in remote environments and they can turn wherever they find it comfortable into their own office. One of the advantages of remote work is higher work efficiency of individuals since people get to choose preferred spots that best suit their own individual needs, which can help increase their level of engagement and concentration on work.

With this way of working, employees are free from any inconvenience and difficulties of dreadful daily commute and save time and expenses as well.

Remote work, with countless advantages, is being considered not just an alternative but even a better options than traditional way of working for many people.

Must-Have Tools for Remote Working

To make your remote working experiences more engaging and connected, you must think about team bonding and collaborative efficiency on a virtual spaces. We can not emphasize enough of the advantages of remote work with super convenient collaboration tools like Marimba. Explore some of the major features Marimba has prepared for you:

Video/audio call

Marimba video call can significantly increase work efficiency of your team by facing each other when sharing ideas and opinions. Put your thumb up when you like your colleague’s idea using animoji and share your screen easily with a single click!

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Team communication

It is not true that the team cannot get closer when working remotely. You can see what your team members are doing by looking at their realtime cursors. Somtime you may find your team member facing difficulties. Help them out using all tools provided on the board including video/audio call and chatting. In case you are not allowed to have video call, leave a message using chat.

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Various templates

Try free templates provided by Marimba. Browse through our free templates including samples, and simply add them on your board.Free templates are not only easy to use but also very good for saving time for anyone preparing multiples of meetings with busy schedules.

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File sharing

No more file sharing via email. Copy and paste the link from Google Suite, Figma, and other services on the Marimba whiteboard. Once you paste the link on the board, the contents is automatically shared with your team members. You can even upload images and PDF files on your local PC on the board as well. 😉

Use Cases for Remote Working Tools

We want to share how team Marimba actually use the tool while working remotely!

Members in team Marimba start every day with Stand-up meeting. Especially for remote working teams, it is very important to share where everyone is, how they are doing, what are they up to.

During stand-up meeting, we cover what each of us have done yesterday, what we plan to to today and share feedbacks and offer helps to each other.

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There is nothing special and complicated about doing daily stand-up meeting. Create a new board on Marimba, and add a ‘Stand-up’ template on the board. Have your teammates gather on the board and take around 5 minutes to fill in the pad. You can also use timer for better time management. For issues that need to be dealt privately or separately, we can always have another session afterwards.

Although some of your teammates may be working from different locations, you can communicate face to face with each other and stay connected with Marimba. Try and use Marimba for remote working with your teams now!

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