Use Cases for Online Whiteboard Collaboration Tool

How to use online whiteboard?

A clean whiteboard we are used to can be used in various ways, to initiate project, share opinions, and explain any concept,
for example, regardless of topics. It can be used at school, meeting room, academy, and literally anywhere.

Then where and how the whiteboard can be used if it is moved online?
Online whiteboard, just like the real whiteboard, can be used at anywhere as well.

Here, Marimba shows you how to use a whiteboard-based online collaboration platform
to generate ideas, share information, and move projects from A to Z at school, work, and design.

Online whiteboard for Education

Utilize an online whiteboard-based education platform for distance learning in business and school.

Remote classes will get much better on Marimba by reducing unnecessary time and effort of class preparation.
All tools, from pen to documents stored on 3rd party services, can be gathered and viewed in one place, Marimba board.

Visually interesting screens and functions such as animojis and stickers will let students to focus much better on class compared to traditional one-way communication.

Now, do not let lecturers to be the one speaking loudly in silence of students. Instead, prepare a class in an environment where attendees can actively and flexibly participate in.

Online whiteboard for Business

Try using an whiteboard-based free collaboration platform with your team in a modern society where telecommuting is becoming a daily routine.

Following colleagues' real-time cursor and facing each other on an online white board, the remote collaboration will not be awkward, yet very efficient and convenient as if you are physically with your team at an office.

Team collaboration can be done either synchronously or asynchronously depending on work schedule, time zone, or types of projects. You do not even have to use several collaboration tools to achieve your teams goal. Get all your projects done on a single page, Marimba board, without any disrubtion.

Your team can not only maximize work efficiency, but also save cost by using free online whiteboard platform best suitable for your business.

Online whiteboard for Design

Start your work, either you work by yourself or with others, on a collaboration tool.

Work will get more easier if you do it on an infinite whiteboard without any limitation. Reflect any urgent change and add new ideas at any time in the middle of project. Various tool, such as pen, shape, and line all prepared on the whiteboard will let you free from all difficulties of visualizing ideas.